2-58th Infantry


On 15 May 1917, the 58th Infantry Regiment was activated at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and assigned to the 4th Infantry Division. The Regiment was assembled and trained at Camp Greene, North Carolina until April 1918. In May 1918 the Regiment shipped to England, crossed the English Channel and landed at Calais, France on 9 June 1918. During their initial combat operations, the Battalions of the 58th were assigned to Regiments of the French 164th Infantry Division for the Aisne-Marne counteroffensive of July 1918. The Regiment also fought in the St. Mihiel in September of 1918 and the Meuse-Argonne offensive during October of 1918. In November 1918, the Regiment took up occupation duty around the towns of Moselkern and Coblenz. They sailed back to the United States in the late summer of 1919. During WWII, from May to August 1943, the 58th Infantry Regiment participated in the retaking of the Aleutian islands of Attu and Kisska from the Japanese. These were the only battles with the Japanese on United States’ North American soil. The 58th Infantry Regiment also fought in Europe as part of the 8th Armored Division in the Ardennes-Alsace, Rhineland, and central Europe campaigns. In the 1960s, Charlie, Echo, and Foxtrot Companies served as separate Long Range Patrol Companies. Charlie Company conducted combat surveillance and target acquisition operations behind enemy lines in the VII corps area of influence, while Echo and Foxtrot Companies deployed to Vietnam as Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Companies assigned to the 4th Infantry Division and 101st Airborne Division, respectively. In May 1987, the 58th Infantry Regiment was assigned to the Infantry Training Brigade, Fort Benning, Georgia, which was subsequently re-designated as the 198th Infantry Brigade, where they continue to maintain a reputation for excellence in training new infantrymen. The soldiers of the Regiment continue to uphold the Regiment’s motto, “Love of Country, Patriots!”

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